SMAP 2020 Presentations
October 29-30, 2020
Department of Informatics, Ionian University
Humanistic and Social Informatics Laboratory
---------------------------------------- Day 1 - October 29, 2020 ----------------------------------------
10:00-11:00Keynote 1 - Hybrid Knowledge Representation Approaches and Systems
Prof. Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis, University of Patras, GR
Chair: Phivos Mylonas, Ionian University, GR
Session A: Personalized Content Manipulation
11:30-12:30Session A1: Personalization
Leveraging Virtual Labs for Personalised Group-based Assessment in a Postgraduate Network Security and Penetration Testing Module, Arghir-Nicolae Moldovan and Ioana Ghergulescu
Towards AI-based Semantic Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval for Social Media, Stefan Wagenpfeil and Matthias Hemmje
Using Transfer Learning Approach to Implement Convolutoional Neural Network to Recommend Airline Tickets by Using Online Reviews, Maryam Heidari and Setareh Rafatirad
13:00-14:30Session A2: Multimedia Content Manipulation
Towards a Personalized Multimodal System for Natural Voice Reproduction, Stelios Gavras, Spiros Baxevanakis, Dimitris Kikidis, Efthymios Kyrodimos and Themis Exarchos
3D Scanning with AI-powered Embedded System Streaming Digital Signage via Redundant Network Attached Storage and Hybrid Cloud Storage, Pisak Chermprayong and Chairat Kraichan
Image Segmentation based on Determinative Brain Storm Optimization, Georgia Sovatzidi, Dimitra-Christina Koutsiou, Michalis Savelonas and Dimitris Iakovidis
ARCHEO: A Dataset for Sound Event Detection in Areas of Touristic Interest, Theodoros Psallidas, Alexander Mitsou, George Pikramenos, Evaggelos Spyrou and Theodoros Giannakopoulos
Session Β: Intelligent Systems
15:30-17:00Session B1: Algorithmic Analysis
Tile Based Wavefront Parallelism in HEVC, Giorgos Papaioannou, Maria Koziri, Panos Papadopoulos, Thanasis Loukopoulos and Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
An automatic learning for re-ranking in social information retrieval, Rihab Haddad and Lobna Hlaoua
Hybrid Time-series Representation for the Classification of Driving Behaviour, Michalis Savelonas, Dimitris Mantzekis, Nikos Labiris, Stavros Karkanis and Evaggelos Spyrou
Image retrieval via topic modelling of Instagram hashtags, Nicolas Tsapatsoulis
17:30-19:00Session B2: Recommender Systems
Studies for Designing Stereotypes in a Mobile Recommendation System for Environmental Awareness, Katerina Kabassi and Aristotelis Martinis
Personalised Visual Art Recommendation by Learning Latent Semantic Representations, Bereket Abera Yilma, Najib Aghenda, Marcelo Romero, Yannick Naudet and Herve Panetto
Enhancing Collaborative Filtering Recommendations for Web-based Learning Platforms with Genetic Algorithms, Maria Nefeli Nikiforos, Maria Malakopoulou, Andreana Stylidou, Aikaterini-Georgia Alvanou, Vasileios Karyotis and Panos Kourouthanassis
Developing an educational programming game for children with ADHD, Christos Galeos, Kostas Karpouzis and Georgios Tsatiris
---------------------------------------- Day 2 - October 30, 2020 ----------------------------------------
10:00-11:00Keynote 2 - Adapting player experience using cultural information
Kostas Karpouzis, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, GR
Chair: Evaggelos Spyrou, University of Thessaly, GR
Session C: Knowledge Mining
11:30-12:30Session C1: Knowledge Management
Ferrini Experiments on the localisation of cooking recipes content using semantic food descriptions, Christoph Stahl, Benjamin Gateau and Krizia
Metadata-enriched Discovery Of Aspect Similarities Between Cultural Objects, Yorghos Voutos, Georgios Drakopoulos and Phivos Mylonas
Declarative Programming Approach for Fake Review Detection, Nour Jnoub and Wolfgang Klas
13:00-14:30Session C2: Data Mining
Big Archaeological Data: Mining social information about ancient Mesopotamian civilizations using a graph database built from cuneiform corpora, Marta Rodriguez Sampayo, Martin Lopez-Nores and Jose Pazos-Arias
On Preprocessing the Data for Improving Sexual Predator Detection, Parisa Rezaee Borj, Kiran Raja and Patrick Bours
Security and Privacy Solutions associated with NoSQL Data Stores, Gerasimos Vonitsanos, Elias Dritsas, Andreas Kanavos, Phivos Mylonas and Spyros Sioutas
An Entropy-based Evaluation for Sentiment Analysis of Stock Market Prices using Twitter Data, Andreas Kanavos, Gerasimos Vonitsanos, Alaa Mohasseb and Phivos Mylonas
Session D: Social & Crowd Technologies
15:30-17:00Session D1: Social Media Analysis
Identifying Fake News from the Variables that Governs the Spread of Fake News, Milan Dordevic, Pardis Pourghom and Fadi Safieddine
Enriching social analytics with latent Twitter image information, Gerasimos Razis, Georgios Theofilou and Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
Unsupervised Discovery Of Semantically Aware Communities With Tensor Kruskal Decomposition: A Case Study In Twitter, Georgios Drakopoulos, Konstantinos Giotopoulos, Ioanna Giannoukou and Spyros Sioutas
Generation Z: Factors affecting the use of Social Networking Sites (SNSs), Prodromos Chatzoglou, Dimitrios Chatzoudes, Despoina Ioakeimidou, Alexandra Tokoutsi
17:30-19:00Special Session D2: CROwd-Powered e-Services
Crowd Sourcing as an Improvement of N-Grams Text Document Classification Algorithm, Petr Saloun, David Andresic, Barbora Cigankova and Ioannis Anagnostopoulos
CrowdHeritage: Improving the quality of Cultural Heritage through crowdsourcing methods, Maria Ralli, Spyros Bekiaris, Eirini Kaldeli, Orfeas Menis - Mastromichalakis, Natasa Sofou, Vassilis Tzouvaras and Giorgos Stamou
Examining the Impact of an Interactive Storytelling platform on Educational Contexts Through Contemporary Crowdsourcing Methods of Audiovisual Content Publishing, George Kalmpourtzis, George Ketsiakidis, Lazaros
Vrysis and Margarida Romero
GeoMakeIt!: A Platform for Developing Location Based Games, Vasileios Dimitriadis, Panagiotis Oikonomou, Panos Papadopoulos, Natalia Panagou, Antonios Dadaliaris and Thanasis Loukopoulos
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