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Getting to Corfu

Corfu's international airport, titled "Ioannis Kapodistrias" (int'l code CFU) can be reached through many cities in Europe. In addition, Corfu can be reached by car though the port of Igoumenitsa. To get information on the time-schedure of ferries call +302661365200. The duration of the journey is approx. 1 hour and 25 minutes to two hours, depending on the boat.

General information on public transportation for Corfu, Greece

Public transportation in Corfu is divided based on colour
  • the (mostly) green coloured buses, also titled "ktel" or "iperastiko", link suburban/ interurban areas with the main town of Corfu, Kerkyra or "poli".
  • the blue buses, titled "astiko", that although are titled as urban service, also service suburban areas.

Taxi service

Complete passenger transport services 24 hours a day. You can find a taxi in selected places day or night. You can also arrange an appointment for your transport from any place to any place that you wish by phone or completing a reservation form in the related websites.

Max price for one way transfer to/from Corfu Airport/Corfu Port/green bus terminal from/to almost everywhere in Corfu town should be 18-20 euros. Each taxi is licensed to carry up to 4 people, including children and their luggage. You can also request special services such as transportation for people with special needs, unattended children or VIP. The call for this appointment must be placed at least 24 hours previously. 

Book your taxi on +30 26610 33811 or visit

From the airport (Int'l code CFU)
The easiest and hassle free method is by taxi, as the distance to downtown Corfu is more than 3 kilometers.

From the port
The easiest and hassle free method is by taxi, should the destination is not the nearby Corfu Town and not much luggage is to be carried. In any case, the port authorities run a free of charge bus that carries boat passengers to the eastern-most part of the port that should make a walk to downtown Corfu less than 20 minutes (1.4 kilometers).

Access to the Venue
The department of History of the Ionian University is located in 72 I. Theotoki Street which is directly accessible using public transportation. The airport and the port are within a 5 minute driving distance. Walking to the venue from the furthest part of downtown Corfu Town is a pleasant 10-15 minutes stroll.

Interactive map

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