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SMAP covers different issues of semantic technologies and social semantic technologies in their use for content creation, media adaptation and filtering, and user profiling. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Content creation, annotation and modelling for semantic and social web
  • Semantics-driven indexing and retrieval of multimedia contents
  • User modelling and dynamic profiling
  • Ontologies and reasoning
  • Semantics-based recommender systems: theory and applications
  • Web adaptation methods and techniques
  • Content customization and adaptation
  • Semantic context modelling and extraction
  • Context-aware multimedia applications
  • Adaptive and personalized multimedia summaries
  • Multilingual content navigation
  • Social multimedia tagging and multimedia content communities
  • Intelligent personalized interfaces
  • Multimedia standards
  • Hybrid social and semantic approaches to profiling, recommendation engines or adaptation systems
  • Social multimedia applications (livecasting, audio-video sharing)
  • User-generated content mechanisms
  • Adaptive / Personalized conversational media
  • Social and semantic media collaboration platforms (e.g. semantic wikis)
  • Social web economics and business
  • Social network aggregation
  • Privacy/Security issues in Social and Personalized Media Applications
  • Social data analytics
  • Social data mining
  • Privacy preserving data mining and social networks