PACINNO For Small And Medium-sized Companies

Innovation processes require significant investments and imply big risks that SMEs are usually unable to sustain. The best innovation strategy is often, for SMEs, to cooperate with other business entities and academic institutions. PACINNO helps SMEs connect and open cooperation agreements throughout the Adriatic Region. Additionally, PACINNO accompanies the SMEs along a process of innovation, and helps them increase their COMPETITIVENESS, both at the LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.

Eight country-level Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) are working actively, throughout the project’s life and afterwards, to connect the best academic research with the needs of the local firms. SMEs are invited to get in contact with the TTO representatives and explore their potential for innovation. A series of specific activities, ranging from executive and entrepreneurial training, technological auditing, pilot projects and competitive benchmarking are aimed at supporting the growth of SMEs and improve their global competitiveness.

For more information regarding the TTO in each country, please click here.

For more information regarding the TTO events in each country, please click here..