24.10.2016 – Online the book “Innovation in the Adriatic Region”

24.10.2016 – The book “Innovation in the Adriatic Region” edited by Claudio Cozza (Units, Italy), Gouya Harirchi (Units, Italy) and Ana Marković Čunko (Medri, Croatia) is the result of several country-level analyses that had been collected in the form of a report (WP6.1).

Following a unified structure for eight countries of the Adriatric Region, this book aims at highlighting various aspects related to micro, meso and macro determinants of innovation in the Adriatic Region. In the final chapter, innovation policies in the Adriatic region has been discussed.

pacinno-book-innovation-in-the-adriatic-regionThe PDF version of the book is available online in here:


In case of wishing to have a hard copy of the book, please contact ITT lab of University of Trieste (tel. 040 558 7788).