15/11/2016 – Last PACINNO report has been finalized


Last PACINNO report has been finalized

Rijeka, 15th November 2016
– We are pleased to announce that PACINNO 6.1 report has been finalized – „Analysis of Innovation Chain of Enablers and Inhibitors in the Adriatic Region“.

This report represents a summary of research results obtained in frame of this project, with a special focus on the analysis of the chain of enablers and inhibitors of innovation in the Adriatic Region.

The aim of this report is to summarize the results of a multi-level study (micro, mezzo and macro) on the determinants of innovation conducted in eight countries of the Adriatic Region.

Editors of this publication are Ana Marković Čunko and Ani Gerbin.

PACINNO 6.1. report is available here.