PACiNNO is a collaboration platform that connects into a single regional innovation system researchers and academic institutions, policy makers, and innovative companies of eight countries belonging to the Adriatic region (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia).

The goal of PACiNNO was to establish a platform for cooperation in research and innovation covering the whole Adriatic region. PACiNNO targeted research institutions, policy makers and business entities, through three key areas of action: research of innovation on micro, meso and macro level, training of human resources and knowledge and technology transfer. The project helped developing new bridges between the research and scientific activities, carried out at academic institutions, and the economic system, with specific reference to the technological needs of SMEs. Overall, the project research and practical activities have involved more than 1.100 SMEs, 200 start-up companies, 40 academic researchers and 250 young entrepreneurs. Social innovation and social entrepreneurship have received particular attention in PACiNNO research activities.

More generally, PACiNNO was aimed at overcoming the main obstacles and barriers to the economic development of the Adriatic countries, fostering the competitiveness of their minor firms (both in the high-tech fields and in the traditional industries), and promoting the creation of innovative start-ups, increasing the innovation capacity of the Adriatic Region and enabling the transfer of best practices across particular countries of the Region.

Project valorization – capitalization